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About Us

about us

We all have a social responsibility to contribute to our communities where we are able to, and our way of fulfilling this responsibility is by ensuring that we do all that we can to support those from deprived backgrounds and those in our communities who need to be heard. We believe that with every act of kindness and goodwill within our community, will put a butterfly effect of greatness into motion.

The Trust has always been inspired by the achievements of successful entrepreneurs and how they ultimately give back to the community, and so we do all that we can to inspire empowerment, entrepreneurship and education in what we do.

We are passionate about supporting communities who are at a disadvantage due to the socio-economic conditions that we live in, particularly the youth, as they are our future and have the potential to thrive and develop into those who lead and give back to our communities. We can see that some of the issues affecting communities stem from a lack of support and sense of direction for the youth. If young people were given adequate support and nurture, we feel sure that many would take better paths instead of remaining on the destructive paths that we have all come to know.